Electropolishing is an electrochemical process which brightens and smoothens the surface of stainless steel. Metaglo WA electropolishing provides the best method of surface refinement and passivation available in terms of uniformity, metal removal and lustre.

Metaglo WA processing will effectively remove heat weld discolouration, oxide scale and reactive or corrosive contaminants (without using dangerous chemicals), leaving a clean polished surface. The metal is also purged of hydrogen and some burrs are removed. The electropolished surface becomes passive and resistant to corrosion due to the protective chrome-oxide layer formed. As a result of electropolishing the stainless steel appears chrome like.

Another advantage is that Metaglo WA can process complex shapes, wire products, pipes, tubes, sheet metal and vessels can be treated after fabrication. Internal surfaces can also be polished.

Metaglo WA electropolishing provides 4 unique advantages over manual procedures:

  • Passivation
  • Descaling
  • Surface Refinement
  • Hydrogen Removal

Electropolishing eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals, such as hydrofluoric/nitric acid and heated caustic. This plays an important role in complying with the ever increasingly stringent environmental laws. The benefits of Metaglo WA processing is that surface refinement, deburring and brightness are all achieved simultaneously and this adds great value to the process because so often other steps are required after descaling/pickling.

Why Metaglo WA is environmentally friendly:

Metaglo WA procedures use fully recycled systems. Our infinite electrolyte is captured and closely monitored.

i. The solutions used in electropolishing are called electrolytes. These electrolytes can be “Finite” or “Infinite.”
ii. Finite electrolytes require acid renewal as the solution degrades and fowls over time. They leave a larger environmental carbon footprint as they require constant acid renewal and waste removal which is economically and environmentally costly.
iii. Metaglo WA uses an Infinite electrolyte which can be filtered and purified of contaminants then re-used through the system minimizing economic and environmental impact. Metaglo WA electropolishing maximizes the lifetime and minimizes the maintenance of your stainless steel!