Marine Applications

Specialised stainless steels with highly passive surface requirements are essential to the marine industry. Great expense comes with purchasing and manufacturing these exotic stainless steel grades so maximizing the lifetime of your stainless steel is essential. Metaglo WA electropolishing is the most effective method of passivating and protecting the Chromium Oxide layer of your stainless steel.

Passivation | Descaling | Maintenance


Unprocessed stainless steel surfaces contain free iron, iron-oxides and other surface contaminants. These can be worsened by machining or fabricating. The contaminants become trapped underneath a “smeared skin” created by mechanical operations. Metaglo WA electropolishing can resolve this problem entirely. Surface contaminants and the smeared skin, are removed electrochemically and the remaining surface is positively the cleanest, most passive surface possible, due to the formation of the thickest chrome-oxide layer achievable by any process.

The rate of metal removal is controllable and any required dimensions with close tolerances do not pose a problem, as a microfinish can be achieved to required specifications.

Stainless steel, when immersed in nitric acid ( pickling), is dangerous and detrimental to the surface, as it attacks the iron, leaving pits where the iron once existed. This can lead to IGA or Intergranular Attack, where the remaining metal surface will corrode inwardly and outwardly. The results are metal fatigue and surface corrosion, disastrous to any sterile application

Thorough passivation, produced by Metaglo WA electropolishing, is necessary to achieve a pure clean environment, essential for gas or liquid valves and pumps, bearings, vacuum systems and fuel supplies.


Scale or discolouration is caused by heat treating, annealing, carburising, welding or soldering. This carbonaceous smut and the iron porosity in the metal is completely eradicated from the surface after Metaglo WA electropolishing.

Metaglo WA electropolishing also removes the skin remaining on metals after casting or forging. The surface quality and appearance is improved allowing subsequent machining operations to be performed with less time, effort and tool wear.

Hardened surfaces and metal fatigue caused by stresses travelling inwards can shorten service life. Metaglo WA electropolishing removes these electrolytically which is the only process providing a successful result in descaling.

Bath Size/Capacity

Metaglo WA has the folowing bath size:

Tank 6m long x 0.90m wide x 1.2m high. Therefore double dips up to 2.4m high can be achieved.

Why Metaglo WA is environmentally friendly:

Metaglo WA procedures use fully recycled systems. Our infinite electrolyte is captured and closely monitored.

i. The solutions used in electropolishing are called electrolytes. These electrolytes can be “Finite” or “Infinite.”
ii. Finite electrolytes require acid renewal as the solution degrades and fowls over time. They leave a larger environmental carbon footprint as they require constant acid renewal and waste removal which is economically and environmentally costly.
iii. Metaglo WA uses an Infinite electrolyte which can be filtered and purified of contaminants then re-used through the system minimizing economic and environmental impact. Metaglo WA electropolishing maximizes the lifetime and minimizes the maintenance of your stainless steel!


Stainless steel requires a regular maintenance program to protect the chromium-oxide layer. Washing removes contaminants, such as salt, dirt and dust that can cause corrosion and is necessary to avoid tea staining.

Rain washing the surface is helpful in reducing tea staining, so design the job to take advantage of the rain, but ensure good drainage. The stainless steel should also be washed when cleaning the surrounding area.

For best results wash with soap or mild detergent and warm water, followed by rinsing with clean cold water. The appearance of the surface can be further improved if the washed surface is wiped dry. We recommend “Wicked” metal polish for maintaining polished surfaces. The product is non abrasive and can remove fingerprints, mild scratches, minor stains, and dirt and markings resulting from the chlorine in water.